5 Ways To Work Out Like A World-Champion Surfer -- No Ocean Necessary

Work Out Like A World-Champion Surfer -- No Ocean Necessary

Surfing not only requires (and builds!) strong arms, shoulders and core muscles, it also can improve balance and coordination. It's also a really fun way to work out.

That's why world-champion Joel Parkinson and his trainer Wes Berg have paired up to launch the Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training app, which brings surfing-inspired fitness to the masses. "Training for surfing is different [than] a lot of other professional sports -- it's done on land to perform in the water, so we need to be very in-tune with the way the body moves," Parkinson said in a statement.

A few of the moves highlighted in the app are below. Whether or not you'll be riding any waves in the near future, adding these your exercise routine can improve flexibility, coordination and strength.

1. Clock Lunges
This exercise is done one leg at a time, and, as the name would suggest, the lunging leg extends around the body like a clock, while the other foot remains planted in the middle. It's great for building leg and core strength, as well as improving range of motion through the knees, ankles and hips. Do five full reps on each leg.

Clock Lunges

2. Squat Jump With Rotation
Build leg and core strength while improving coordination. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Squat Jump With Rotation

3. Ball Roll Out
Build core strength and stability. Do three sets of 10 reps.

Ball Roll Out

4. Cable Reverse Wood Chop
Strengthen legs, core and shoulders while improving your flexibility.

Cable Reverse Wood Chop

5. Supermans
This one is for the more adventurous! Do three sets of eight reps on each.


All photos from Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training App, available for Android and iPhone

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