Deluded Surgeon's Email Lists The Most Outrageous Requirements For A Woman We've Ever Seen

One man is on a mission to find his wife -- and he'll pay you in cash or Botox to introduce her to him.

Sounds like a sweet deal, right? But here's the problem ... he's a little bit picky.

After a New Jersey networking event, a self-described #1 surgeon in the Northeastern U.S. sent a lengthy email to everyone he'd met that night laying out his plan to find a woman. Apparently, this man is "actually so successful" that he only attends networking events to meet women, not to actually, y'know, network.

Anyone who introduces this winner to the right woman -- who must meet all of the "hard" criteria on the provided list, but only preferably the "soft criteria" -- will be rewarded with cash, Juvederm, Botox, or LASEK (in one eye only) depending on how successful the set-up is.

The lucky chosen who received this missive included social marketer Marc Ensign, who published an excerpt of the email on his website, MarcEnsign.com.

Marc, we're so glad you did.

Here are 11 of this anonymous surgeon's (please, please will someone find out who this dude is?) most hilarious and occasionally downright confusing requirements for a woman:

  1. "Spent significant time (>1 yr) living in a city of 1 million or more."
  2. "Highly functional Type B (not a Type A because too similar, not a Type B who can’t get stuff done)"
  3. "Skinny (i.e. dress size 0-2, if you don’t know what that means (many men don’t) it means very skinny)"
  4. "Never does bad things because of values."
  5. "Spent significant time in another country other than the US (either born somewhere else or lived out of the US for a total of a 6 months or more, not on a vacation, doing something like school or work)"
  6. "Graduate degree or very good undergraduate school (more compatible since I went to 3 Ivy League schools i.e. Dartmouth, Columbia & Harvard, as well as Emory and my MBA from NYU)"
  7. "Wants kids in the next 1-2 years."
  8. "An 8 out of the 1-10 scale -- 9-10 is actually bad as it comes with a lot of downside."
  9. "Caucasian (not black, not Hispanic, not Asian)"
  10. "Altruistic, selfless"
  11. "Gets along well with everyone"

Check out the full, rather terrifying email here.

Good luck to you, sir. You're certainly going to need it.

[h/t Jezebel]



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