The Surgeon General Encourages Elmo To Get A Vaccine In New PSA

When Elmo was nervous about getting a shot, he didn't enlist any old doctor for moral support. In a new video produced by the Daily Dot, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy teaches the "Sesame Street" favorite about the importance of getting vaccinations.

After explaining the health benefits of being vaccinated, Murthy suggests that Elmo sing a song to take his mind off the (slight) pain Elmo might experience. Elmo immediately belts out "Shake It Off," so now we know he's a T. Swift fan.

At the end of the clip, Murthy and Elmo seem to throw shade at anti-vaxxers (if "Sesame Street" characters and a surgeon general can even "throw shade").

"Boy, that was so easy! Why doesn't everybody get a vaccination?" Elmo asks.

"That's a good question, Elmo, that's a good question," Murthy replies, as they both stroke their chins.

Watch the full video above.

Elmo also appeared with the surgeon general in a 30-second vaccination PSA that published on the Department of Health and Human Services website Friday.

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