The Many Faces Of Suri Cruise (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Suri Gives Good Face

With super-poised parents like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it's no wonder that Suri breaks her poker face every once in a while with a cool dance move or a disapproving tongue for the paparazzi.

When the 5-year-old isn't jet setting around the world with her famous folks, she's visiting dad on his movie set, showing off her high heels for the cameras or indulging her sweet tooth in a cupcake or two. Always the picture of perfection, we have no doubt that once Suri catches the acting bug -- how could she not? -- she'll be the biggest thing to hit Hollywood since her dad first burst onto the scene in the early 80s.

Here's to lookin' at you, kid!

What are you lookin' at?

The Many Faces Of Suri Cruise

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