Suri Cruise's Lipstick, Designer Fashions Could Be Getting The Boot (POLL)

No More Lipstick For Suri Cruise?

Forget the third wife casting call. The latest gossip from the ever-churning TomKat rumor mill is that Katie Holmes is putting an end to Suri Cruise's cosmeticized ways.

In other words: no more lipstick.

The news comes via totally unconfirmed sources floating around the interwebs (among them, British tabloid Reveal), as with much of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes "news" these days. With that said, word is that Katie is doing away with Suri's fancy fashion and makeup habits in an attempt to dress her more conservatively.

Apparently six-year-old Suri, like many grown-up celebs, had received loads of free swag from designers and PRs, amping up her already extravagant closet. Now, word has it, Katie wants Suri's name off all the "freebie lists" and for her daughter to simply be "normal."

This might come as a surprise, given that Katie is quite the fashion plate herself (and getting more involved in the industry every day). But supposedly Tom was the one who loved spoiling his little girl. (So he was the one who bought her the fur coat and gold heels?)

Holmes and Cruise sparked debate when Suri first appeared with red lipstick; mommy blogger Lindsay Cross incited even more outrage when putting makeup on her child. Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, on the other hand, wore red lips without causing much controversy at all.

Should Suri's parents be putting an end to the makeup?

See Suri through the years...

Suri Cruise & Mommy

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