Surprise International Visit Makes For Heartwarming First Meeting Between Grandson And Grandparents

At just 11 weeks old, baby Niall has already taken his first international flight, traveling all the way from Australia to Ireland, just to surprise his grandparents.

 The newborn's parents, John O'Regan and his fiancee Claire, decided to surprise John's parents by arriving in Cork, Ireland a week earlier than planned. John's brother, Dave O'Regan, caught the entire surprise on camera and posted the heartwarming video on YouTube. 

The O'Regan family sat down to watch what they thought was just a slideshow of the first photos of baby Niall but little did they know that their grandson was just outside the door. As they watched the video, the first-time grandparents went from confused to excited as footage of the young family landing in Ireland popped up. 

The new grandparents' excitement was clearly visible as they grew emotional, with grandma jumping up to draw the curtains to look outside. Just then, John and Claire walked in with Niall. You can only imagine what followed. 

Watch the video above for yourself to see the family, finally reunited. And don't forget to grab the tissues. 

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