This Man Surprised His Fiancée With The Best Present Ever

This Man Surprised His Fiancée With The Best Present Ever

After Carly Butler returned home from a six-month trip to England, her fiancé Adam presented her with a letter that would change both of their lives forever.

It was the morning of their engagement party and the Canadian couple had been apart for half a year while Carly was working on a project. Adam had cameras rolling as Carly began to read what she thought was a simple love note:

"Good morning gorgeous, this letter is different than all the other letters I have written to you ..." it began.

"For the last few months I've been planning an engagement party with several people, mainly your mama, to allow all of your friends and family to see us together engaged -- but what I am trying to tell you is today is not our engagement party, it is our wedding."

Teary-eyed Adam remained silent as he watched his bride-to-be soak in the excitement of the moment.

As Carly read on, she soon discovered that Adam had planned every last detail, including picking a wedding dress, booking a hair stylist and makeup artist and inviting friends and family.

And of course, he planned an awesome reception, wedding sparklers included.

Watch the video, recently posted to Vimeo, to see how it all went down.

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