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Groom Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal And Wedding 30,000 Feet In The Air

Marieke van De Wal thought she was going on a girls-only trip with her sister to the Greek Islands, but in reality, she was headed to her own surprise wedding.

It all started when Marieke's boyfriend, Alexander Serruys, entered a competition held by UK travel company Thomas Cook back in February to propose and get married all in the same day. The catch: the wedding had to take place on an airplane, mid-flight.

As it turns out, Alexander won. So, for the next couple of months he enlisted the help of his friends and family to keep the top-secret plans hidden from his lady love. Of course, the biggest problem was how to get Marieke on an airplane without raising suspicion.

The plan was to tell her that she had won a trip with her sister to the Greek Island of Rhodes and that it was being filmed for Thomas Cook. In reality, cameras were capturing the moments before her soon-to-be nuptials.

On the big day, Marieke and her sister -- who was in on the surprise and even helped pick out a dress -- were seated at the front of the plane, while 40 friends and family members sat in the back.

Then, the magic happened. Alexander proposed and a stunned Marieke said "yes".

"It was a complete surprise," Marieke told the Daily Mail."I was incredibly happy to see everyone there. All the people we can count on were on the plane.’

Watch the video above to see the plan, the proposal and how the plane transformed into a spectacular wedding celebration.

In case you're curious, Marieke did get to enjoy Rhodes after all -- as her honeymoon destination, courtesy of Thomas Cook.

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