Surprised GOP Reacts - Thought Child Molester Would Be 'Greeted As Liberator'

Surprised GOP Reacts - Thought Child Molester Would Be 'Greeted As Liberator'
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Welcome to another episode of "GOP/SVU: Special Victims Unit."

In yet another sign of their confusion and desperation, the Republicans have brought in their shady Mr. Fixit to clean up the Foley mess. Looks like they didn't see this problem coming, and were caught so off-guard they had to call on the capo di tutti capi. Maybe they expected their predatory Congressman to be welcomed with flowers by the children he molested.

Quelle surprise. He didn't even get a box of chocolates.

Instead these young people went searching for help everywhere, hoping the adults in charge would protect them and other kids from the predator. But the GOP leadership left them to fend for themselves and when outside help finally arrived, their media lackeys went on the attack - against the victims.

What's the best defense they've come up with so far? "Hey, we've been letting our guy molest these kids for years! Why bring it up now? Must be political."

That didn't go over as well as they had hoped. So here's their next move: They're bringing in Jim Baker to clean up. You'll remember former Secretary of State Baker. He's the guy they called when it became clear they lost the 2000 election fair and square. He "fixed" that little problem pretty well, and now they want him to fix this.

Baker's the Republican version of "Mr. Wolfe," the Harvey Keitel character in Pulp Fiction - the one they call when Tarantino gets blood and brains all over his girlfriend's car and leaves a corpse in the trunk. That's not a bad analogy for the GOP's current situation.

And what did Baker say about Mr. Hastert? He said that people are making Denny Hastert a "sacrificial lamb." He - along with the President's father and other members of the Republican crime family - are circling the wagons around the high school coach turned real estate investment genius. They live by the traditional Mafia oath of mutual protection above all else:

"Io voglio entrare in questa organizzazione per proteggere la mia famiglia e per proteggere I miei amici."

That means "I want to enter into this organization to protect my family and to protect all my friends."

You can see the code in action. The GOP leadership protected the child molester as long as they could. Now they're protecting the guy who protected the child molester. Their venality knows no end. It's like one of those Russian dolls. Open up a bad deed and there's always another one inside.

Here's a word to Mr. Baker: Hastert's no "sacrificial lamb." The "sacrificial lambs" are those kids your Party didn't mind seeing victimized over and over so you could win elections. And you haven't had the decency to stop your media minions from slandering them, ridiculing them, and invading their privacy. Denny's not a "lamb" at all. He's just another member of your ravenous pack of wolves.

Shame on him. Shame on all of you. Go home and grow some ethics, Jim.

As for the Democrats, talk about this - but talk honestly, openly, and intelligently. According to a new poll, you have a new window of opportunity among those evangelicals I call "the Christian wedge." Even before this scandal became public, Republican support among Christians was plummeting. (More about it here, in "Democrats' Letters to God.")

Word to the Dems is "stay loose, stay alert." They're likely to try something desperate and unexpected now. They don't like to lose, they're good at surprises, and they can move quickly.

As Mr. Wolfe says in Pulp Fiction: "If I was informed correctly, the clock is ticking ..."

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