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The Surprising Places Germs Are Hiding In Your Home (VIDEO)

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It's that time of year again -- runny noses become a bit more common, everyone's sneezing a bit more frequently than usual and we're all desperately trying to avoid getting sick. And while we may think the easiest way to do that is to avoid the person coughing next to you on your morning commute and sanitizing your hands the second you arrive at your destination, the most threatening germs may not be lurking "out there" after all. They might just be hiding in your very own home.

From the kitchen to your living room and everywhere in between, Real Simple editor Sarah Humphreys explores "the things we neglect because we never clean" -- the exact things that have more germs than we could have imagined and are possibly making us sick. Trust us, once you watch the video above you won't look at your dog's bowl or your purse in the same way again...

9 Germiest Places In Your Kitchen