This Is The Most Surreal Illinois Tornado Footage We've Seen Yet

This Is The Most Surreal Illinois Tornado Footage We've Seen Yet

It is heart-wrenching to watch.

Just before an EF-4 tornado hit his Washington, Ill. home on Sunday, Marc Wells' camera was still rolling -- and continued to shoot video as he and his daughter sought cover from the storm in his home's basement.

Wells uploaded the heralding video (embedded above, WARNING: strong language) to YouTube on Thursday.

Wells wrote in the video's description that he and his daughter Josie were not injured in the storm, which he wrote he is "very thankful" for.

"Is this gonna save us?" Josie can be heard asking her father. "I hope so, buddy."

The terrifying sounds that follow are the result of powerful winds of nearly 200 mph tearing through the Wells' home -- leaving behind practically nothing.

In another devastating video uploaded this week, a home in nearby Diamond, Ill. "disappearing" in a moment's time after an EF-2 tornado tore through that town.

All told, the storms that swept through central Illinois on Sunday killed six people and destroyed hundreds of homes. According to the Weather Channel, at least 1,500 homes were damaged or destroyed in the state alone. Tornadoes were also confirmed in eight other states Sunday.

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