Survey: Obama's 100 Days, Past And Future

Survey: Obama's 100 Days, Past And Future

During their first hundred days in office, American presidents are under a constant microscope, often facing some of the most consequential and highly-analyzed moments of their presidencies, as was the case with the assassination attempt on President Reagan and with President Kennedy's bungled Bay of Pigs in Cuba.

The hundredth day of Obama's presidency is this Wednesday, April 29. Pundits across the nation will be rating the president's successes and failures. But we want to hear something more personal from our readers. What did President Obama do in the first 100 days that personally affected you? Did a bill he signed have an impact on your life? Did you meet the president? Or interact personally in some way with his administration? Email us in 150 words or less (not including links) to by Wednesday at 9am EST.

We also want to hear your ideas for the next hundred days. What should Obama's top priority be? What single thing would you ensure gets done, that you worry Obama may avoid or overlook? Tell us in 150 words or less.

Email with either "Last 100 Days" or "Next 100 Days" in the subject line, depending on your focus. (You are encouraged to send an email on each.) If you favor the visual medium, feel free to send in a YouTube video submission of two minutes or less. This can be you talking into the camera or something more creative. The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday morning at 9am Eastern Standard Time.

We'll publish the most insightful and well argued submissions on Wednesday.

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