Survey Reveals The Way People REALLY Perceive Balding Men

Hair is apparently a lot more important than we thought.

Matt Lauer and Al Roker may be rocking the smooth-headed look, but other balding men might not fare so well, according to a small new study.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University wanted to see if having a fuller head of hair really can help men look better and more youthful. They enlisted 122 men and women, ages 18 to 52, to rate men with and without hair transplants. The participants viewed 13 pairs of photos of men with androgenetic alopecia ― male pattern baldness. Seven of them had undergone hair transplants and six had not. 

In the survey, men with hair transplants were perceived as more attractive, successful and youthful. People also thought those with hair transplants looked more “approachable.”

“It was satisfying to us,” senior author Dr. Lisa Ishii, of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, told Reuters Health. “I definitely don’t want to be doing a procedure on people that doesn’t make a difference.”

The survey “showed there were measurable improvements on measures that are meaningful to the patients,” she said.

But on NBC’s “TODAY” show Friday, Lauer called the findings “ridiculous.”

Both he and Roker agreed that they wouldn’t consider getting hair transplants despite the findings.

“Not for a moment,” Roker said. 

“The best thing we ever did ― shaving our heads,” Lauer said.

We think they both look fabulous ― hair or no hair. 



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