Millennials Evaluate Their "Coolness," Cool Brands: Survey Says

Want to market to millennial consumers? Then play up their sense of themselves as "cool." According to a new report from Insites Consulting, "Cool Today, Gone Tomorrow?", 43 percent of American millennials (aged 15-25) think they're cool. The least confident nation? China, where only 30 percent of youths think they're cool. The most confident? India, where more than two-thirds (67 percent) of millennials feel they're cool.

The survey also polled millennials on the coolest places, products and brands. Not surprisingly, Apple topped the cool brands list, cited by 78 percent of respondents. Also hot (er, cool) were Converse All-Stars, Sony, H&M, Coca-Cola and Axe. Coolest city? New York, cited by 49 percent of U.S. millennials and an even greater percentage of youth in other countries. As for the coolest celeb, that honor went to Johnny Depp, cited by 31 percent of U.S. millennials -- beating out Lady Gaga (16 percent).

Why It Matters to Your Business: Maybe you can't afford to hire Johnny Depp for your marketing campaign, but you can take a lesson by observing how cool brands portray themselves. Check out their media campaigns and how they interact with consumers on social media. Learn, but don't copy. As the report sums up, a big part of being cool is being authentic, true to yourself and your brand.