Survival Tampons: Creek Stewart Shares 10 Ways To Use Feminine Products In The Wild (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: How Tampons Can Save Your Life In The Wild

Guys, think of this next you're forced to run to the store for a box of tampons for your partner: The feminine products could actually save your life.

In fact, think of them as a "Tactile Adventure Medical Preparedness Outdoor Necessity." Not so girly anymore, huh?

In a post for The Art of Manliness, Creek Stewart enlightens readers on how to turn those Kotex and Tampax products into medical bandages, water filters, fishing bobbers and more.


Stewart, who's an instructor at the Willow Haven Outdoor School for Survival, Preparedness & Bushcraft, acknowledges men might have a hard time buying into the idea of a "Swiss Army Survival Tampon," but he stresses the "sterile" and "well-packaged" items are cheap, practical and multifunctional, meaning it might not be a bad idea to keep a few stashed away with the old camping gear.

But if outdoor adventure isn't exactly your thing, it turns out there are plenty of other uses for the feminine products.

Just ask author Jenny Gardiner, who brainstormed "101" things to do with tampons that have become unraveled. The list includes some rather amusing tips, such as using them to absorb grease off pizza, sponge-paint a wall or brush your teeth.

And for those who like the fancier things in life, Cafe Mom blogger Megan Van Schaick notes tampons make mighty fine garland, dresses and, yes, even chandeliers.

Who knew all the possibilities a $7 box of tampons could hold?


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