How To Handle Social Events When You're Watching What You Eat

Let's face it: partying is no easy task when you’re watching what you eat, and dieting can be hard enough without the ruthless temptation of an endless buffet of festive snacks.

Still, you don’t have to forfeit fun to remain loyal to your weight loss goals. In an effort to help you party smarter, we’ve partnered with Fiber One to bring you this list of tips to surviving social events when you’re on a diet.

One Plate Is Plenty
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Practice portion control by only filling up your plate once. Grab enough to satisfy your taste buds and then stop eating. Since you shouldn’t be arriving at a social function on an empty stomach, one plate of food should be plenty.
Take Your Time
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Eat slowly. It takes your body about 20 minutes to realize you’re full, so the slower you eat, the less you will eat as well.
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Yep, bring your own food. Try taking a simple snack to share at parties or, if it’s a potluck event, contribute a healthy dish. If worse comes to worst, you can always eat the food you prepared.
When In Doubt, Drink Wine
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Opt for wine instead of beer or liquor to cut back on calories. One glass of white wine typically contains 65 calories, whereas the average 12-ounce beer contains over 200.
Step Away From The Snacks
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Whatever you do, resist the temptation to park near the snacks. Try finding a spot where it’s harder to access the food.
Hold The Bread
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Avoid the bread basket. Breads, especially of the non-whole grain variety, tend to contribute to weight gain.
Put Fun Before Food
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Make socializing your priority. Snacking in moderation is fine, but don’t make the party food the focus of your attention. Focus on the people, not the food.
Don't Go On An Empty Stomach
Fiber One
Plan ahead and eat a small snack or meal before the party so you don’t fall victim to overeating the snacks. Get your pre-event protein fix and satisfy your sweet tooth with Fiber One's 3 tasty flavors of protein bars. With 7g of protein and 20% of your daily value of fiber, Fiber One protein bars make for a hearty and delicious snack.