Surviving an Active Shooter

The Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department released this video recently with some solid advice on what to do in the event you find yourself in an active shooter situation.

Active Shooter: Gunmen or gunman killing or attempting to kill people in a confined, populated area.


Did you know that since 2006 the U.S. has experienced an active shooter event with 4 or more deaths every 2.9 months. Your odds of being involved in one are slim but we do earthquake drills and they don't kill nearly that many people, so it makes sense that you would prepare should you find yourself in this kind of a situation as well.

If you find yourself in an active shooter situation, you aren't going to have time to figure out why it's happening, you need to survive and get out alive and help those around you if you can.


On average, 20 mass shootings take place in the U.S. each year. Killers usually choose victims at random, so the harder you are to see, the harder you are to hit. Here are some of the key tips from the video, to help you survive:

1. You must take action to protect yourself.
2. Get out. Use any available means to get out including emergency exits and windows. Most restaurants and retail locations will also have exits in the back through kitchens and stock rooms.
3. Stay calm, visualize your movements in advance.
4. Use cover, something that will stop a bullet, and concealment to keep out of site.
5. If you can help others without putting yourself in unnecessary danger, do it.
6. If you can't get to an exit, secure your location. Lock or barricade the doors, turn off the lights, silence all electronic devices and stay quiet.
7. Defend yourself. If you can't escape or find shelter you may have to defend yourself. Almost anything can be turned into an improvised weapon. Look for things that will compromise the shooters ability to see, breathe and control their weapon.
8. When law enforcement arrives, obey all commands. They are going to be in high alert, don't engage them, run toward them or reach toward them. Now is not the time to thank them, and it could get you or others hurt. Keep your hands up and obey any and all commands at this point.

Most active shooter situations are over in 10 - 15 minutes. You need to survive those crucial minutes.

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