These Signs Show Why You're Not Sure If You'll Survive Final Exams

Final exams are upon us, bringing with it a flood of emotions and doubt about whether or not we'll make it through to winter break.

Here are a few of the thoughts we'll deal with before the final, final exam is completed.

Getting up for that first early final was rough.

Do I get any credit for proving whether or not humans are able to survive on nothing but RedBull and Ramen noodles?

Your neighbors had their last final on Wednesday afternoon and are celebrating with a kegger next door. Too bad you have a final at 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Everyone has embraced the idea that showers are optional this week, making that hundred year old building even more unbearable to study in.

Oh, so this is what the inside of a library looks like?

I probably should've at least taken the shrink wrap off the book before this week.

How many points do I get for signing my name on the test?

My anxiety builds ever so slightly each time someone gets up to turn in their exam.

What language is this test even in?

Turning the page in the exam book to find that the questions keep going, and going, and going.

I might be hitting the acceptance phase of my failure a little too early.

Finally, when my spirit is crushed and the last exam is turned in, I can collapse.