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'Survivor: Blood Vs. Water': The Ultimate Betrayal Eliminates 'Blood' From The Competition (VIDEO)

It was the ultimate betrayal on "Survivor," and perhaps the ultimate blindside. To protect her own game, Ciera voted with her tribe to eliminate her own mother. She also made it very clear that she'd voted by writing "Mom" in parentheses. While it was a blindside, Ciera was owning up to her culpability.

Her mom, Laura, took it very well. She respected her daughter's move, and vowed to once again return to the game. This is the second time Laura's been voted out this season. Now she returns to Redemption Island to try and make it back into the game ... again. And with that, there are no remaining pairs of loved ones in the game (not counting those hanging out on Redemption Island).

Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross wasn't that impressed with Ciera's earlier move, though. "Ciera basically asked her mom to lay down and die should they make it to the final 6, explaining that if she won immunity, that Ciera would likely be sent home instead," he wrote. "It’s one thing to vote your mom off if that is the inevitable play anyway. Asking your mom to give up, however, just because it is better for you, is another thing entirely.”

But, as Zap2It's Andrea Reiher pointed out, Laura wasn't helping Ciera's game at all. "Laura pipes up that they should not want to send her to the jury because she'll be there campaigning for her loved one. They should keep her because at the end, she and Ciera will have to compete against each other, but that is a terrible tactic -- she just told them why they should get rid of CIERA after she's gone. Dumb dumb dumb.”

"Survivor: Blood vs. Water" airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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