'Survivor: Blood Vs. Water': Returning Players Face Their First Blindside Of The Season (VIDEO)

For the first time all season, the Galang tribe of returning players learned what it was to lose. And for the first time in "Survivor: Blood vs. Water," they would get to see Jeff Probst at Tribal Council. At first, it seemed like it would be an easy vote.

Of their tribe members, only one was a new player: Rupert Boneham's wife, Laura. The logical thing to do would be to eliminate her. But Aras Baskauskas realized that "easy votes are often the dumbest votes in this game." He had another idea.

“Right now, Monica [Culpepper]’s got her husband on Redemption Arena and if Brad should lose at Redemption Arena and not come back in this game, she’s a wonderful asset to have ‘cause she has nowhere to go," Aras explained. "Laura [Morett] is great at challenges, she’s great at puzzles. If she goes to Redemption Arena and knocks out Brad, then Monica is ours.” He was concerned that Monica would otherwise join her husband, Brad, should he make it back into the game later.

So they decided on a switch and Galang celebrated its first Tribal Council of the season with its first big blindside. Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross thought Laura's blank expression of shock at the vote said it all. Buddy TV's Gina Pusateri enjoyed the blindside, but said that it stung losing another strong woman to Redemption Island.

Laura will now fight for her life on Redemption Island as "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" continues, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.



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