Sarah Lacina Wins 'Survivor: Game Changers' In Thrilling Final Tribal Council

It surely was a game-changing season.

Another successful season of “Survivor” has come to an end ― and the last person standing no doubt deserves the $1 million prize for their gameplay. 

After 39 days of intense competition, Sarah Lacina was named the winner of “Survivor: Game Changers” following a tribal council that switched things up a bit, focusing on each player’s strategy through outwit, outplay and outlast Q&As. Sarah earned the majority of votes from the jury, beating out runner-up Brad Culpepper and third place finisher Troyzan Robertson.

Tai Trang, Aubry Bracco and Cirie Fields were voted out earlier on in the finale episode. Cirie’s exit was particularly memorable as her torch was snuffed after a record-breaking three idols were played during tribal on Day 36. Not one person wrote her name down, yet she was sent home since Tai played two idols ― one for himself and one for Aubry ― Troyzan played his idol, Sarah played her legacy advantage and Culpepper won the immunity challenge. Technically, Cirie ended up being the only player who could be voted out. 

After the four-time player left, host Jeff Probst told the jury and the remaining five contestants, “A ‘Survivor’ legend goes out in legendary style.”

Cirie Fields. 
Cirie Fields. 

Despite it all, real-life cop Sarah, who admittedly “played like a criminal,” had a stellar run this season, managing to backstab the best of the best. “Game Changers,” of course, featured esteemed past players including Sandra Diaz-Twine, Tony Vlachos, Ozzy Lusth, Malcolm Freberg and Andrea Boehlke.  

A teary-eyed Sarah told host Probst during the live after-show, “I’m very proud of the game I played, I’m not proud of how I treated people.” 

Well, the jury members didn’t seem to mind the blindsides, Sarah. Congrats! 



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