'Survivor' Narrows to Four - Who Will Win?

The most brutal season of Survivor is coming to an end. With a record three castaways being pulled because of medical reasons, Survivor Kaoh Rong will go down as one of the roughest seasons yet. We are down to the final four, Tai, Aubrey, Michele and Cydney. Tai is a gardener from San Francisco who has blindsided many of his allies and cries about them the next day. Aubrey, the social media marketer from Boston who has managed to find her way up the pecking order despite her closest allies being picked off. Michele, a bartender from New Jersey, who continues to play a loyal game each week. And Cydney, the Georgian body builder who is not afraid to make big moves with her no-nonsense approach. The remaining four competitors will make the final results interesting because there doesn't seem to be anyone that will unanimously win. We expect an exciting finale and the reunion show should be interesting. Who do you think will be the sole survivor? Check out our predictions below and make your own on Sage!