'Survivor: One World': Colton Emerges As A Villain, Tribe Makes Wild Decision (VIDEO)

Colton Emerges As A Villain On 'Survivor'

If fans of past seasons thought it was crazy that Russell Hantz was sabotaging his own tribe to create a sense of chaos, that was nothing compared to what Colton orchestrated on this week's "Survivor: One World" (Wed., 8 p.m. EST on CBS). Last week, he was determined to get rid of Bill, but he played along with the tribe and targeted Matt instead. Bill is physically strong, but hadn't yet proven himself a savvy strategist.

But this week, Colton solidified his control of the men's tribe in an inexplicable move that absolutely no one could have anticipated. To say that these tribes are among the most unpredictable and emotionally volatile in the history of the game is an understatement. The women have been a mess through much of the earlier going, but as they were getting themselves together, the men started falling apart.

Leif made a huge tactical error by revealing to Bill that Colton had him on the chopping block last week. It was in response to this that Colton orchestrated something absolutely shocking. Shocking specifically because he convinced his entire tribe to go along with him.

After winning the reward challenge, the women were on an emotional high. But it all came crashing down with an atrocious showing in the Immunity Challenge. Then, Alicia made it worse by laughing it off. So it looked like Christina may have gotten a stay of execution, until suddenly Alicia got one as well.

The guys approached the women and were contemplating giving up their tribal Immunity so they could go to Tribal Council and vote out one of their own to address these problems that had cropped up. And so they did, with some of them saying Leif needed to get voted out for betraying the trust of his alliance. He agreed to it out of solidarity, and it must have worked. Colton got his wish, and Bill was voted out instead. Bill must have agreed to this crazy plan thinking Leif was going home and it would buy him a bit longer to try and get back in Colton's good graces.

What's inexplicable is that the tribe could have used the opportunity to eliminate Colton, who would have never seen it coming. How does one man have so much control over seven other people? The Immunity Idol he possesses isn't that powerful. Plus, his behavior and reasoning for disliking Bill was so offensive, it was nearly flabbergasting. He came across as both arrogant and elitist, telling Bill he needed to "get a real job" and talking about having black people in his life -- not at the all-white private school he went to, but in the form of his housekeeper.

Earlier in the episode, Colton used the terms munchkin and Oompa Loompa to describer Leif, who is a little person, the latter directly to his face. Colton is definitely getting the villain edit, but it's hard to imagine an edit being out there that could paint him any other way.

Find out what happens next as "Survivor: One World" continues Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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