'Survivor: Philippines': Lisa Whelchel Breaks Down, But Rallys At Challenge Time (VIDEO)

It was a bitter and rainy few days on the latest installment of "Survivor: Philippines." Lisa Whelchel, already on the outs with her tribe, pulled away even more. She admitted that she's normally quite shy, which is why acting is a good outlet for her: It allowed her to hide herself behind a character.

Whelchel was having trouble fitting in socially with the other contestants, and the feeling of isolation drove her to tears. The feeling was mutual, as her tribe was already talking behind her back about possibly eliminating her. So it was a good thing she stepped up in a major way during the challenge, leading them to victory as the caller through a three-step puzzle. In the end, the Matzing tribe dropped their second straight challenge, dwindling their tribe down to only four members after two episodes.

This time, though, Russell managed to avoid being the major target by keeping his bossiness to himself. Instead, it was Angie and Malcolm who drew attention with plenty of late-night cuddling. It was enough to drive Roxy into a rage of certainty that this new "couple" would prove a dangerous alliance. She suggested Angie was using the power of her boobs as a game strategy to get close to Malcolm.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, it was Roxy's game that came to an end. Will the "couple" impact the games of Russell and Denise, as she predicted? Find out as "Survivor: Phililppines" continues Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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