The 10 Best Seasons In 'Survivor' History

The Best Season Of 'Survivor' Ever, According To Fans

CBS Watch! magazine is releasing a special "Survivor" collector’s edition in anticipation of the premiere of Season 30 on Feb. 25 -- and in the issue, a big question is presented: What was the best season of "Survivor" so far?

The results of a fan poll on revealed that the greatest season of the past 29 was Season 20, "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians," which debuted in February 2010. Season 20 featured some of the all-time favorite and most-hated players in "Survivor" history, including Rob Mariano "Boston Rob," Parvati Shallow, Rupert Boneham and Russell Hantz. Sandra Diaz-Twine ended up taking the title of Sole Survivor, wining both seasons she appeared on -- "Pearl Islands" in 2003 and "Heroes vs. Villains."

Below are the 10 best seasons of "Survivor," according to fans who participated in the poll:


Are you a die-hard "Survivor" fan? Well then pick up the special edition of CBS Watch! magazine, on newsstands next week.

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