'Survivor' Week 3 Predictions and Week 2 Reactions

Hello! Or as the Cambodians would say "Susaday!" It's the second week for viewers and days 3-6 of the most brutal Survivor season ever in Kaoh Rong, Cambodia. I'm not sure if it's the heat, humidity, or the dehydration but you definitely can see the true colors of the cast emerging. Here's what's happening in the Brains, Beauty and Brawns tribes, and make a few predictions for next week.


It's been established that having the "biggest frontal lobe" doesn't mean you aren't crazy. Here's your weekly dose of Debbie, the self-anointed master of all things. First, Debbie says drinking boiled water is for sissies. I guess if you have 40 cats, you build up an immunity to bacteria. Debbie-ism #2: "Women with boobs shouldn't run." I would say Pamela Anderson and all guys on the planet would beg to differ. I do applaud Peter for smartly observing that despite her annoyances, Debbie would be the perfect person to take to the final two. That's why Peter is an early pick to win this season.

Meanwhile, Liz is struggling with a mental breakdown, her second already. "You are the weakest link, good-bye!"


The highlight of the week belongs to the odd couple bromance of Tai and Caleb. I didn't see a gardener from San Francisco and an ex Army vet from Kentucky hitting it off but what's more romantic than sucking down a fish eyeball together? The two generally look like they're having fun with each other and will be BFFs after the show. Caleb, a former Big Brother contestant has been known to get very emotional and irrational, so we'll see how it plays out. Survivor just might be his show because he seems to be in his element and has a sense of serenity to him. The season is still young and I expect Caleb's alpha male tendencies to rear its ugly head. Tai also found the hidden immunity idol this week but he can't reach it, and climbing a palm tree is no easy task. Will he reach out to his bro for help?


Oh the Brawn tribe... I liked them last week, but not so much this week. After the surprise elimination of Darnell, Alecia looks like the clear target this week. At least she's trying as shown when she tried to make fire for the tribe... for 5 hours! During this time Scot and Kyle are seen either napping or talking about "Blondie" behind her back. This doesn't rub Jennifer the right way and causes her to debate about her alliance.

Immunity Challenge

This week's challenge involved lugging a 300-pound log through the water and navigating it through several obstacles. The team then had to unspool rope around the log. The rope was attached to a ball that a tribemate had to fling, from a giant slingshot and hit two targets. Ironically Scot, the former NBA player, shot too many air balls. Brains and Beauty emerged victorious along with fishing gear as their reward. Brawns received a ticket back to tribal council.

Tribal Council

The belittling of Alecia continues with Scot and Kyle at camp. It seemed like a sure-thing that Alecia would be voted out. But then again, we thought that was the case last week. At tribal council, call it dehydration or maybe another earworm, but Jennifer decides to reveal that she had hesitations with the majority of the tribe and tried to form an all-girls alliance. Much to the delight of Alecia, this led to Jennifer's downfall and her shameful walk into the abyss.

Looks like next week is a scramble for the hidden immunity idol. Who will find it? And will Brawn continue its descent towards the title of worst tribe ever? Make your predictions on Sage and tune in Wednesday on CBS night to find out.