Sen. Susan Collins 'Disappointed' That RNC Resumed Support For Roy Moore

"I think that's a mistake."

The Republican Party has reinstated its financial support of Senate nominee Roy Moore just weeks after it cut off funding following multiple allegations of sexual impropriety. But Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) says that was a bad move.

“I’m disappointed that the RNC has resumed its support of Roy Moore,” Collins said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “I think that’s a mistake.”

Multiple women have accused Moore of sexual harassment and misconduct when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. Moore denies these allegations. Collins has previously said that she did not find his denials convincing, and called on Moore to withdraw from the Senate race.

On Sunday, Collins reiterated that while the sexual misconduct allegations were concerning, she never supported Moore. 

“I did not support Mr. Moore even prior to these allegations of sexual misconduct because I was concerned about his anti-Muslim comments, his anti-LGBT comments and almost most important of all, he’d been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court for failure to follow lawful judicial orders.”

Despite the reasons Collins listed, President Donald Trump formally endorsed Moore and recorded a campaign robocall urging Alabama voters to elect him. The call will be dialed into homes on Monday, one day before the special election. 



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