Twitter Goes Wild Over Democrat's 'Mic Drop' Moment: 'He Is Impeaching Himself'

Rep. Susan Davis delivered a blistering 30-second statement on President Donald Trump's impeachment.

Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif.) needed only 30 seconds to send her message to President Donald Trump loud and clear: Your impeachment is your own doing.

The congresswoman had a lot to say in a few words Wednesday as House Republicans and Democrats debated ahead of the historic vote to impeach the president.

“Madam Speaker, make no mistake. We are not impeaching this president. He is impeaching himself. If you are the president and you obstruct justice, try to bribe a foreign leader and threaten national security, you’re going to get impeached. End of story.”

Davis’s remarks were met with laughter and applause on the House floor.

Trump became the third president in U.S. history to be impeached Wednesday evening, as House lawmakers voted 230-197 in favor of impeaching Trump for abuse of power, and 229-198 to impeach on obstruction of Congress.

Davis’s short statement before the votes appeared to resonate with Twitter users, who praised her for her “mic drop moment.”

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