Susan G. Komen Foundation Twitter Responses That Made Us LOL

UPDATE: Since this post went up, Komen for the Cure has reversed their decision and announced Friday that they will be continuing their support of Planned Parenthood. The flip-floppery hasn't gone unnoticed on Twitter, and we've updated our slideshow to reflect as much.

PREVIOUSLY: Many may recognize the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation from their ubiquitous pink ribbon or their Race for the Cure, but unfortunately, just as many people might recognize them from their promotional "awareness-raising" merch; the KFC chicken buckets, the cell phone cases and the limited-edition Smith & Wesson pistol.

The foundation announced Wednesday they would be cutting all their funding for Planned Parenthood, a long-standing grant they've given each year to help women get breast exams, per a brand new policy within the organization that prohibits them from partnering with groups who are under investigation. As of Thursday there is still no word as to whether or not the foundation plans on cutting ties with Bank of America, one of their major partners who has been facing some federal investigation drama of their own over the past year, but hey, let's not split hairs.

Most fingers are pointing at the foundation's new VP Karen Handel, who ran for Georgia's gubernatorial seat in 2010 on an anti-choice platform with Sarah Palin's endorsement, as the cause for the surprising move, and top officials are resigning in protest of the decision, but we couldn't help but notice a few comedians out there on Twitter making their opinions known via more lighthearted means.

While it's certainly a serious issue, and you can donate to Planned Parenthood here if you're inclined, we couldn't help but LOL at these tweets.

Susan Komen Tweets