Susan Sarandon On Aging In Hollywood And The 'Losing Battle' Women Shouldn't Fight (VIDEO)

WATCH: Susan Sarandon On The Inevitable Struggle All Women Face

Susan Sarandon has enjoyed a long career in Hollywood, in an industry that places great emphasis on beauty and youthful appearance. Now age 66, the Oscar winner has lived through the experience of aging in Hollywood and says that she's gained several insights from her decades in the business -- insights she shares in her upcoming interview for "Oprah's Master Class."

Aging, Sarandon says, is a large reason why older women have trouble finding work in Hollywood, perhaps more so than any other reason. "You're so punished in this business. When people say, 'Do you think you've lost work because of your politics?' I say, 'No, You lose work because you get old and fat!'" Sarandon says. "That's when they write you off in Hollywood."

The difficulty, of course, is that aging happens to everyone. "There's the inevitability of the deterioration of the physical," Sarandon explains. "That forces you to think, really, what is beauty and what survives?"

Though some Hollywood actresses believe plastic surgery, injections and cosmetic procedures will make them more beautiful, Sarandon thinks of beauty differently. "I have nothing against people doing things that make them feel better about themselves," she states. "[But] at some point, you have to shift to really wondering what kind of person you are... I think empathy and generosity are very attractive qualities that make you a beautiful person, whether you're a man or a woman."

Along with authenticity and truthfulness, Sarandon encourages people to focus on these types of character traits more than outward appearance, since chasing down youthfulness is such a futile quest. As Sarandon puts it, "It's a losing battle if you're trying to still look 22. You're going to be so disappointed."

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