Susan Sarandon Plays Coy About Her Relationship With David Bowie

But she only has good things to say about him.

In 2014, Susan Sarandon revealed that she and her "The Hunger" co-star David Bowie had a relationship while they worked on the 1983 film.

Sarandon didn't say much of the relationship, when she revealed the relationship to The Daily Beast. But she only had glowing things to say about Bowie. "[He's] just a really interesting person, and so bright. He’s a talent, and a painter, and … he’s great," she said.

She wouldn't say much more on Thursday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live," where she was promoting her new movie, "The Meddler," with Rose Byrne. When a caller asked if she would describe her love affair with Bowie, the 69-year-old actress replied, "Absolutely not."

"I didn’t know you had a love affair with David Bowie," show host Andy Cohen admitted. 

"Oh, god, where have you been?" Sarandon jokingly responded. 

When Cohen asked about the kind of man Bowie was, again, the actress only had good things to say about him. 

"Oh, brilliant, gracious, funny, private but really smart. I loved the way that he just kept changing up. He didn’t stick to one thing," she said.  "Pretty brave. I mean, when I knew him, he was pretty stable, as opposed to early days maybe. By 'The Hunger,' he was very productive. Found a great love in [wife] Iman."

Naturally, Cohen followed up by asking if Sarandon "ever [smoked] it up with David Bowie" to which she replied, "Yeah." Then she gave Cohen a high-five. 

Sarandon paid tribute to Bowie few weeks after his death while speaking at the SAG Awards. 

“My dear friend David Bowie once said, ‘All clichés are true. The years really do speed by. Life really is as short as they tell you it is,’” Sarandon said. “Those words resonate when we’ve lost someone who made a special impact on us. So now let’s pause to remember some of the actors whose earthly voices have been silenced, but whose brilliance and creativity still speak in the unforgettable work they’ve left behind.”

CORRECTION: This post previously included an image of Bowie and Ann Magnuson in "The Hunger" that has since been removed. 



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