'Sushi Donuts' Are Real And, Thankfully, Not Made Of Raw Fish (PHOTO)

Fish and doughnuts are not our idea of the perfect pairing.
Colorful sushi donuts arranged in row.
Colorful sushi donuts arranged in row.

Forget "cronuts." Soon, everyone may be lining up for sushi donuts.

A Japanese Twitter user who was visiting Thailand spotted the odd item and posted a photo of the "SushiDo" treat Tuesday, prompting thousands to share the tweet. Thankfully, it appears sushi donut maker Mister Donut did not take the name literally. (No raw fish!)

The sushi donuts have actually be around for a few years, but only recently began stirring appetites this week after the curious Twitter user posted a photo.

Oddly, Japanese franchise Mister Donut is not the only donut-maker to come up with the idea. As FoodBeast notes, Psycho Donuts also features a bento box-style platter of sushi donuts. The California-based shop is known for its creative donuts that take on the appearance of other typically non-dessert foods from pizza to French fries.

While many on Twitter have called for Mister Donut to debut the "SushiDo" line in Japan, it seems like the sushi donuts are currently only available in Thailand.

Watch Mister Donuts' ad for its sushi donuts below.

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