Susie Essman Reveals Why She Won't Say Donald Trump's Name

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star recalled her 2004 roast of the future president to Seth Meyers.

Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Susie Essman can’t bring herself to say President Donald Trump’s name.

“I won’t say his name because that humanizes him,” she told Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night.”

“It’s like an anthropomorphizing kind of thing, you know,” the actor explained.

Essman, who portrays the foul-mouthed Susie Greene in Larry David’s long-running HBO comedy series, made the admission while recalling her role in a 2004 comedy roast of Trump, then a reality TV personality, at the New York Friars Club.

“You only roast the ones you love, or who are indifferent to, and at the time he was a moron on TV. I didn’t care about him one way or the other,” she remembered, before repeating two of the zingers she fired at Trump.

Check out the interview above and her roast of Trump below: