Suspected Getaway Car In Paris Attacks Found Abandoned In Suburb

Several AK-47 rifles were in the back seat.

A manhunt is under way for a suspected eighth assailant in the Paris attacks. 

Police found a black car containing AK47s abandoned in the eastern Paris suburb of Montreuil late Saturday, French media reported, citing judicial sources. The discovery suggests some of those involved in Friday's deadly attacks have eluded police. French authorities are now hunting for at least one additional participant.

The black SEAT Léon, a small hatchback sedan, was found with 3 automatic rifles in the back seat, the same type of weapons that witnesses described as being used in shootings carried out across Paris Friday evening. Several witnesses also said they saw a black car pull up in front of the locations where the attacks took place. 

France bans most gun ownership, including the possession of assault weapons like Kalashnikovs. French authorities seized around 2,700 illegal weapons in 2010. An AK-47 sells for between 1,000 to 1,500 euros on the black market.

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