Suspects Chased By Cops Spin Doughnuts On Hollywood Street

Only in L.A.

A dangerous police chase through Los Angeles Thursday included a bit of Tinseltown flourish: the suspects did doughnuts in the middle of a Hollywood street.

In a place where there's no business like show business, these alleged burglars pulled plenty of scene-stealing moves, according to the Los Angeles Times. They took in cheers from onlookers, cruised Hollywood Boulevard, had an unexpected encounter with a TMZ tour bus, and finally surrendered peacefully, hugging each other, for the news cameras in South Central Los Angeles, KTLA reported.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

The driver, Herschel Reynolds, 20, and his passenger, Isaiah Young, 19, were booked at L.A. County Jail hours after the chase began. The two were suspected of robbing a residence in Cerritos. Cops, via helicopter and grounds support, stayed on their tail from there.

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