Suspicious Package Causes Scare At Times Square In NYC: Reports

A suspicious package near 45th Street and Broadway has prompted a portion of Times Square to be shut down on Monday evening, according to eyewitness reports from Twitter.

The first tweet about the incident came around 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time from "ThePete," who said simply "suspicious package in Times Square." (He then started a livestream from the scene -- watch here.)

An employee at MTV (nearby at 1515 Broadway) tweeted, "An alert at work in Times Sq #NYC that there has been a report of a suspicious package by a lamp pole on the corner of Bway and 45th."

Another person at that location tweeted, "Suspicious package in Times Square right outside my building (1515 Broadway). Announcement has just been made: get away from windows."

Others at the scene have also said they've been asked to stay away from windows.

No word yet from NYPD or New York City officials on the incident. This is not the first suspicious package scare in Times Square. A similar took incident took place last month, and there were a few incidents in 2010. A man was arrested in May 2010 after a Times Square car bomb threat. Suspicious package reports in New York have also been on the rise since bin Laden's death.

UPDATE: MTV employee John Zhang tells The Huffington Post that all is back to normal.