9 Sustainable Clothing Brands That Are On The More Affordable Side

Believe it or not, sustainable fashion doesn’t have to break the bank.

It’s hard to argue against the moral appeal of sustainable and ethical fashion. Who doesn’t want to protect our planet for generations to come? But unfortunately, sustainable fashion often comes with a big price tag, forcing us to weigh our ethics against our wallets.

Eco-friendly luxury brands like Stella McCartney, Mara Hoffman and Eileen Fisher have been dominating the space, and their clothes don’t come cheap. Even Reformation, which uses recycled fibers to make its clothes, can be pricey for the average consumer. And while we love what those (and other) brands are doing when it comes to environmentally conscious clothes, they’re not the most accessible.

But believe it or not, sustainable fashion doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to find clothes ― dresses, activewear or basics ― that are both environmentally and wallet friendly. One major way brands in this space cut costs is by following a direct-to-consumer model; they save money by sending products straight from the source to customers, avoiding traditional retail markup margins. The result is prices closer to brands like J. Crew, COS, Club Monaco, & Other Stories and even Zara, without all the negative fast-fashion baggage.

Below, check out nine sustainable brands that are on the more affordable side:

For Days
For Days focuses on basics, namely T-shirts. Its subscription-based zero-waste approach makes it a little different. Essentially, you sign up for a membership (starting at $38 for a year) and get a certified organic cotton T-shirt. When you want a new T-shirt, you just order one for $8 and send back an old tee. According to the brand’s site, whatever is sent back is “sorted, sanitized, broken down and blended into fresh new yarn” for new T-shirts.

Check out For Days
Threads 4 Thought
Threads 4 Thought calls itself “a full lifestyle brand of fashion that is produced responsibly” and supports various sustainable initiatives. The brand sells men’s and women’s clothing — mostly basics and activewear — much of which costs under $80.

Check out Threads 4 Thought
Siizu’s major philosophy is to keep it simple. The brand claims to use sustainable manufacturing processes as well as organic, natural fabrics like cotton and silk. According to the brand’s website, it aims to minimize its carbon footprint by using fabric manufacturers and garment factories that are close to one another. Siizu uses recyclable packaging for shipping and has a partnership in place with American Forest.

The brand’s aesthetic is minimal and classic. You’ll find sweaters and silk items for about $100 or less and tees for $35 and under.

Check out Siizu
People Tree
People Tree has been part of the sustainable fashion world since it was founded in 1991. According to the U.K. brand’s website, its core mission is to make sure each product is “made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish.” Its collections feature organic fabrics as well as traditional artisan skills like hand weaving and hand embroidery. As far as pricing goes, People Tree sells some more expensive items, like dresses over $200, but there are plenty of items under $100 and even under $50.

Check out People Tree
Kotn is a Canadian brand focusing on ethically made, sustainable basics at fair prices. It works with farmers in Egypt to source the cotton for its garments. It says its business model is “like farm-to-table, but for your clothes.” Kotn is a certified B Corporation. Most of the brand’s offerings (available for men and women) ring in under $100, with T-shirts ranging from $28 to $34 and sweats for about $78.

Check out Kotn
Girlfriend Collective
Looking for a sustainable activewear company that doesn’t come with the typical activewear price tag? Girlfriend Collective might just be it. The brand’s garments — leggings, sports bras, bodysuits and workout tops — are made from recycled plastic bottles and are certified safe by Oeko-Tex. Everything on the site costs $28 to $78.

Check out Girlfriend Collective
Alternative Apparel
Alternative Apparel offers men’s and women’s clothing made with sustainable materials, such as organic or recycled fabrics, and through sustainable processes, such as low-impact dyes and water-conserving washes. The AA website offers a few brands that are a little pricier (like Agolde jeans), but most of the stuff in its exclusive line is under $80.

Check out Alternative Apparel
Aeon Row
Aeon Row is all about essentials that also make a statement. The brand’s garments, which sell for under $100, are made using what it calls “revived” fabrics. Additionally, for every item you buy, the company will recycle an old piece of your clothing and give you 15 percent off a future purchase.

Check out Aeon Row
Style Saint
If you’re a fan of essentials with more of a boho vibe, Style Saint will likely be right up your alley. The direct-to-consumer brand offers everything from silk tops to lace skirts and even lingerie, all designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. According to its website, each piece is made with earth-friendly textiles and is meant to be worn over and over again, not disposed of after a season. As far as pricing, many of Style Saint’s garments are under $100, though some more intricate pieces run a little more. What we especially love about Style Saint is the way it tracks its environmental impact.

Check out Style Saint

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