Sustainable Living - Reduce Your Waste With The Five R's

Americans create over 5 billion pounds of trash a year. From production to storefront we have a huge problem with waste in America. The trash we create in every step of the process is massive. Raw material waste, fossil fuels, toxic waste, and harmful carbon emissions.

Activist and adventurer Rob Greenfield thinks we can manage our waste better. In his new series, "Sustainable Living", Rob shows that we can manage our trash and create an incredibly minimal impact as long as we're conscious. In his travels across America, Rob made a commitment to reducing his waste by composting his food scraps, using reusable packaging, and eating unpackaged food.

Like Rob we can #BeTheChange by altering the way we create trash. Right now, much of the trash in America doesn't make it to the landfill. This trash is detrimental to the country and Rob urges us that recycling doesn't hold all the answers. So next time you're taking out the trash think about a way to lessen the weight of those bags. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. If Rob can create over 200 times less trash than the average American, surely we can too.

Every Friday for the next 4 weeks we'll be featuring the next episode of Rob's Sustainable Living series. Be sure to follow along here on Outspeak, and subscribe to Rob's YouTube channel.