Sustainable Living - You Can Eat Like A King From A Dumpster

The average person creates an incredible amount of waste on a daily basis. A person's environmental impact is difficult to manage when we live in an era of convenience. This extends to the way we commute to the food that we eat. How we make these daily decisions directly affects the amount of waste we create.

Activist and adventurer Rob Greenfield thinks we can do better. In his new series, "Sustainable Living", Rob shows that we can eat food with almost no environmental impact. In his travels across America, Rob made a commitment to eating local, unpackaged, and organic food to lessen his environmental and social impact. He followed these rules with one exception, he could eat food that was going to waste.

Like Rob we can #BeTheChange by altering the way we consume food. Right now, America throws away 165 billion dollars of food a year. That means over 30% of the food purchased in the US ends up in the trash. So next time you think about throwing out food, don't. Make a sauce with those musty old tomatoes instead.

Every Friday for the next 5 weeks we'll be featuring the next episode of Rob's Sustainable Living series. Be sure to follow along here on Outspeak, and subscribe to Rob's YouTube channel.