Sustainable Seafood (PHOTOS): The Best And Worst Fish To Eat

Sustainable Seafood (PHOTOS): The Best And Worst Fish To Eat

As part of HuffPost Green's Our Oceans project, we're highlighting how you can make sustainable seafood choices. Sustainable seafood is fish that is caught in a way that doesn't impede the fish's population growth or natural habitat, as well as the habitats of marine life in close proximity. Unfortunately, many fishing practices in place today do just the opposite, shrinking their populations, ecosystems, and polluting the waters.

It can be overwhelming to know which fish to best to eat when you're wading through a sea of options. The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch has compiled an extensive list of which seafoods are best, good alternatives, and which you should definitely avoided. You can print out a pocket guide on which seafoods are best for your region of the U.S. or download a convenient iPhone app. We're compiled a selection of Seafood Watch's best and worst options of fish to eat. Take a look, and vote for your favorite, or least favorite, fish.

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