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The Perfect Combination: Where A Sweet Tooth Meets Sustainable Skin Care

What does a sweet tooth and sustainable skin care have in common? We’re here to report on an indulgent intersection. For the lemon cake batter aficionada concerned with the health of her skin, body, and environment, Pomega5′s Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer is just the thing. The Mattifying Moisturizer is an opaque yellow cream, which, after just a dollop, transforms your skin into a hydrated, healthy, glowing canvas that smells like a delicious dessert.

Like all Pomega5 products, the moisturizer contains the essential oil of the pomegranate seed, as well as other powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea extract, a personal favorite of Pomega5 founder, Tzeira. Green tea extract helps to unclog pores, as well as reduce wrinkles, sun damage and redness. One of it’s most redeeming qualities, however, especially for ladies with skin prone to oiliness, is its “mattifying” effect – once your skin absorbs the moisturizer (which happens speedily thanks to the extra skin-compatible Omega 5 fatty acid) you can apply powder foundation without it looking dry or cakey – great for eco girls on the go!

Pomega5 has our attention well beyond their mattifying moisturizer (and amazing travel-friendly cleansing bars). The company’s history began with the same heartfelt and meticulous approach as a meal’s preparation. Wanting to not only provide a product that was good for the skin, Pomega5′s mission is also to create one that nourishes the body from the outside in, one that uses biodynamic and organic ingredients (90-98% actually coming from biodynamic soil) that have naturally restorative and sensory qualities that give you a whole new perspective on how connected to the earth you can feel while performing your daily cosmetic routine.

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