Sutter Brown, California's 'First Dog,' Gets His Own Website (VIDEO)

WATCH: California's 'First Dog' Gets His Own Website

When Jerry Brown and his wife Anne lost their beloved black lab, Dharma, last year, nobody expected them to ever get a new pet.

But the new administration called for a fresh start, and after his inauguration, the Governor and First Lady announced they had added a third member to their family. Enter Sutter Brown, California's First Dog.


The welsh corgi has already become a statewide celebrity in his own rite, boasting more Twitter followers and Facebook fans than HuffPost San Francisco (but we're not bitter or anything). The pooch even has his own online store, because who doesn't want a sweatshirt or mug emblazoned with that face?

Most recently, Brown added a biography of his furry friend to the official California Governor website. In case you were wondering, Sutter hails from Ketchum, Idaho, and identifies as a Zen Jesuit ("although I am not burdened by dogma, though I do like dog bones," the site reads).

And the governor has invoked the power of Sutter on more than one occasion in the line of duty. During budget negotiations earlier this year, he praised the pup's ability to bring people together. "He's a role model for more collaborative living," Brown said, discussing his dog's early years as a cattle herder on a farm in Ketcham.

Want more Sutter? Add him to your Facebook and Twitter and never miss another moment of the First Dog helping the governor with his push-ups or stealing a bite of Thanksgiving turkey.

In the mean time, take a look at a video of the animal in action below, courtesy of the LA Times:

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