Suyima Torres, Miami Woman, Died After Receiving Butt-Enhancement Injections: Report (VIDEO)

Botched Butt Injections May Have Claimed Another Life

Two months after a woman died after receiving butt-enhancement injections, police are ramping up their investigation of a West Miami-Dade strip mall beauty clinic.

Suyima Torres reportedly visited Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics in April for a $1,500 procedure in which an oily yellow substance was injected into each of her butt cheeks, according to court documents obtained by CBS4.

Weeks later, Torres underwent a second round of injections and soon thereafter felt dizzy, dying ten hours later, CBS4 reports.

Although her cause of death is still undetermined, Torres wouldn't be the first South Floridian to risk their life for a larger behind.

The most notorious instance of botched butt injections was the 2011 "toxic tush" case in which a woman injected fix-a-flat into several clients' backsides, causing serious medical conditions and infections.

A year later, a Hialeah couple was arrested for performing unlicensed butt injections out of their house with a substance imported from Colombia.

Most recently, a West Palm Beach man was charged with unlicensed practice of health care causing serious bodily harm after he reportedly injected silicone into at least two people's buttocks in a motel room.

Despite the very public arrests and serious medical complications related to such procedures, there's a handful of such services currently advertised on South Florida's Craigslist.

A 2009 cover story by the Miami New Times revealed South Florida's sordid history with butt injections, calling it "the bargain basement of plastic surgery."

"People would come in and have no idea what they had been injected with," University of Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Seth R. Thaller told New Times. "It was an epidemic."

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