Company Finds Success By Making Giving Back Part Of Its DNA

Company Finds Success By Making Giving Back Part Of Its DNA

Suzanne DiBianca, president and co-founder of Salesforce Foundation, spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos on Thursday about the success her company has experienced by incorporating public service from the start.

"When we started the company in 2000, we said we wanted to be a new kind of business," DiBianca said.

"We said, we're going to not wait until we reach some level of more comfortable success, we're going to make giving back part of our DNA from the beginning," she added.

DiBianca said it's a "return to values" and not something new that's prompting more companies to give back. She also said she thinks "the proliferation of the internet economy" is encouraging more people to incorporate philanthropy into their business model.

DiBianca said employees at her company, who get six days each year for community service, have given "incredible" feedback about the company's dedication to giving back, with many telling the leaders of the company the opportunity to take part in community service is a good "retention tool".

"It's really important that we not only attract the best employees, but we keep them," she said.

Below, more updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting:


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