Suzanne Somers Explains Why She Dedicated Her 'DWTS' Performance To John Ritter

Suzanne Somers: 'I Never Got To Say Goodbye' To John Ritter

Suzanne Somers sat down with HuffPost Live on Wednesday and discussed reprising her role as Chrissy Snow for a "Dancing with the Stars" performance -- a dance she dedicated to her former "Three's Company" co-star John Ritter.

Somers, who was famously fired from "Three's Company" when she asked executives for a 500 percent raise -- one that would place her in the same pay grade as Ritter -- explained why she devoted her "DWTS" number on Monday to the late actor:

I never got to say goodbye to him. And we were estranged for 30 years. I never talked to him until one month before he died. He called me out of the blue and said, 'Hey babe, why don't we do something together?' So we were looking for a project, and then I get a call that he died. So I danced that dance because I didn't get to say goodbye. It made me very emotional. I loved him.

Somers also talked with HuffPost Live about being ousted from "Three's Company" more than three decades ago. After her termination, Somers said she "couldn't get a job in television," which motivated her to switch career paths and build a fitness empire by selling millions of ThighMasters.

"My show was No. 1, and my demographics were the highest of any woman in television at that time. That's how the ThighMaster happened after I got kicked off … It was my revenge," she told host Nancy Redd.

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Suzanne Somers here.

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