Suzanne Somers On What Makes Her Feel So Sexy At 70

“I want to be working in Vegas when I’m 80 — no kidding!”

Suzanne Somers became a household name in the ‘70s and now that she’s turned 70 herself, it seems she’s never felt better.

While many people cringe at the thought of another candle on their cake after a certain age, the “Three’s Company” star rang in the new decade of her life on Oct. 16 with a totally positive outlook.

“I want to epitomize what the new 70 looks and feels like — it’s sexy!” she told Closer Weekly. “At 70, you still have your ‘juice,’ and you also have confidence.”

The actress celebrated her birthday with her friends, kids, grandkids, and her husband of nearly 40 years, Alan Hamel.

Somers shared a snap of herself on Instagram, posing with a tin of caviar she received as a gift. 

“What an extravagant way to start my seventh decade!” she wrote.

Somers, who rose to fame with a bombshell reputation, seems to always have been comfortable with her advancing years.

Last year she told HuffPost Live that age is her “asset.” 

“There’s a new way to age,” Somers said. “What I have at this stage of my life is wisdom like I’ve never had before and perspective and that’s the one thing no young person can have and buy — you have to earn it.”

And at 70, Somers says she has no plans to slow down for decades to come. She told Closer she wants to be “working in Vegas at 80” and has said in the past she plans to live to 110. 

It must help, of course, that her husband, loves her just the way she is, Somers revealed. 

“I’m aging, but he tells me that I’m beautiful every day,” she said.



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