Suzanne Somers Talks Politics: 'Vote The Candidate, Never The Party'

Suzanne Somers: 'Vote The Candidate, Never The Party'

Suzanne Somers is back on TV with "The Suzanne Show," which airs weekly at 7 a.m. on Lifetime. Although she said the program won't cover politics, Somers was happy to tell me her own thoughts on the subject.

"My politics are very personal: I am an independent and vote the candidate, never the party," she said. "I am also an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs made America the most exceptional and wealthiest country in the world, excelling in technology, science, medicine, physics, literature and, most of all, self-reliance and unbridled imagination. I love America and feel blessed to have been born into the greatest idea since the dawn of civilization."

Somers declined to say for whom she would be voting, but didn't hold anything back when I asked her about sex.

"A sexual person is a healthy person, so discussing sex has a place of honor on 'The Suzanne Show,'" she said. "Our first show featured integrative doctors on how to have great orgasms, revealing a new hormone that makes you very loving and affectionate and an ancient herb in capsule form that is a vasodilator that increases blood flow to the penis and the clitoris for powerful sex."

Aware that many have doubted her authority on such subjects, Somers doesn't back down, insisting every word in her books comes from the brightest doctors and scientists at Stanford, New York University, Harvard, Columbia and other leading institutions.

"My nutritionist doesn't count on the food pyramid. She is a nutritional scientist who comes with me on doctor visits to educate the doctors. My bioidentical hormones come from a Harvard twin major who was the first doctor to prescribe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy -- BHRT -- in the '70s. My hundred-plus supplements are based on blood, urine, and stool testing to 'fill my tank' perfectly," she said. "I am proud of being 65, almost 66, and in perfect health. I don't take even one pharmaceutical drug."

Somers added, "I'm not against them for mental health, pain, infection and other things north of my pay scale -- beyond my medical knowledge -- but it is painful watching Americans all pilled up, with fuzzy brains, soft bones and being dumbed down with all the drugs their doctors prescribe."

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