Suzanne Williams Loses Senate Promotion After Texas Crash

Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams will not receive an expected promotion to Chair of the Transportation Committee after being involved in a fatal car accident in Texas.

On December 26, Williams veered into the wrong lane on a highway in Texas, colliding with an oncoming car. A pregnant woman, Brianna Gomez, was killed in the accident.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader John Morse said in a statement on Monday that he had intended to make Williams Chair of the committee, but "[her] accident in Texas on December 26th and the needs of her family and the Gomez family will undoubtedly consume substantial energy and force her to spend some time away from the Senate."

Williams has long been a staunch advocate for stricter seatbelt laws in Colorado, but nobody in her car was wearing one at the time of the accident.

According to police reports, Williams--who claims not to remember the incident--carried her grandson back into the car after he had been flung from the vehicle.

The case will be considered by a grand jury, which will decide whether charges are appropriate.