Suze Orman Says The Sweetest Things About Her Wife And 'Soul Mate'

"KT is truly the light of my life."

Suze Orman is head-over-heels in love and she’s shouting it even louder than any of the financial advice that made her famous.

The personal finance guru recently gushed about her wife, Kathy Travis, during an interview with “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”, saying that no matter what types of material or financial things people strive for, the one thing we all dream about is finding love. Not just any love; the love ― and Orman has it. 

“The greatest dream, I think, that any and all of us have is, will we ever find our soul mate?” Orman says. “I found KT at the age of 50... KT is truly the light of my life. She keeps me going in ways that I never thought.”

In their 15 years together, Orman and Travis have experienced a lot of happy moments, but for Orman, nothing tops the day they wed. “The greatest joy was when we got married,” she says.

For a woman who has built a wildly successful career advising people about all things money, Orman says she wouldn’t hesitate to walk away from every penny if she was ever at risk of losing KT. 

“Ask me the question: ‘If you could keep all your money, or you could keep KT…?’” Orman says. “Bye-bye, money. Money, I could always make again. Will I ever find another KT? Never.” 

Orman shares more about her personal life on this weekend’s “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” You can also watch full episodes on the Watch OWN app.

Another Suze Orman moment:

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