Champion Runner Suzy Favor Hamilton On Why She Became A Vegas Escort

How could a former Olympian -- also a wife and mother -- end up as a high-priced Vegas call girl? In an interview with Dr. Phil airing Tuesday, world-class runner Suzy Favor Hamilton describes what led her to live a secret life as Vegas escort Kelly Lundy, pulling in $600 an hour to make any man or woman’s fantasy come true, and getting an even bigger rush than crossing an Olympic finish line could offer.

“It started on our 20th weddanniversary,” she explains in the video above. “We wanted to do something fun, crazy. Work on a bucket list." So she says she and her husband arranged a trip to Las Vegas, where they would jump out of an airplane. But there was more. “We decided, probably more me, that we wanted to make this fantasy that people talk about come true, so we arranged a threesome," says Hamilton, who says she was taking medication for depression that she says made her hyper and reduced her inhibitions.

“It was a life-changing moment after the threesome,” says Hamilton. “It was euphoria. I felt so uplifted and wanted to do it again … I knew I was going to come back to Vegas and have some more fun." 

Ultimately, she joined a Vegas escort agency and says she continued getting a high from being paid for sex. “I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted more sex,” she says. “I had a disease, and I chose sex as the fuel to make me happy.” 

 She tells Dr. Phil in the video above, “You have to understand: The money part of being an escort fueled my mania. It was just another way, another part of the risky behavior that a bipolar person likes. I had no idea I was bipolar. Doing anything sexual also heightens the riskiness and makes the feeling better and better.”

Favor Hamilton reveals that she had close to 100 clients, some of whom would pay $6,000 for an overnight stay and offer generous tips. “I got tons of gifts,” says Hamilton. “I got diamonds, I got furs, and I got Louis Vuitton purses. It was unbelievable the things I was getting, fueling my mania, adding to that rush and that riskiness.”

On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Suzy’s husband. Did he agree to his wife becoming an escort? Check here to see where you can watch.